How to get to RANCHO PLAYA LT by myself from Las Terrenas?

Take the direction to “El Limón”, “Samaná” and, after 8 km, you will arrive to an “SHELL” gas station on your left. Continue 1 km. and you will find RANCHO PLAYA LT on your right. The Ranch is located at “LA BARBACOA”, 2 km. before arriving to the village of El Limón.

How to get to RANCHO PLAYA LT by myself from Samaná?

Take the direction to “Las Terrenas”, “El Limón”. You will reach El Limón after 20 km. You continue 2 km. after El Limón and you will find RANCHO PLAYA LT at the entrance of LA BARBACOA on your left.

Is there an organized transport to get to RANCHO PLAYA LT?

RANCHO PLAYA LT offers free shuttle transportation. The appointment is in the parking lot of “El Paseo” mall, in front of cemetery. Transport must be confirmed upon reservation of the excursion. The schedule must be respected.

All Pick up has to be confirmed at reservation.
Parking El PaseoLas Terrenas9:00am12:30pm2:00pm5:30pmFREE
Hotel Viva WyndhamLas Terrenas9:00am12:30pm2:00pm5:30pmUS $10
Hotel Sublime SamanaLas Terrenas9:00am12:30pm2:00pm5:30pmUS $10
Hotels Las TerrenasLas Terrenas9:00am12:30pm2:00pm5:30pmUS $10
Hotel Grand Bahia PrincipeEl Portillo – Las Terrenas9:15am12:15pm2:15pm5:15pmUS $10
Hotels in SamanaSamana8:45am1:00pm1:45pm6pmUS $30
(min 2 persons)

How can I pay?

By PayPal account: ranchoplaya.lt@gmail.com or by credit card.
Please visit our web page http://www.ranchoplayalt.com

Do I have to advance any amount of money?

The excursion must be paid in its totality upon reservation.

How do I dress?

Long pants, closed shoes. Sunglasses are optional.

Are there mosquitoes?

Not always, but it is advisable to put an anti-mosquito or possibly a long sleeve garment.

Is sunscreen mandatory?

It is advisable to put sunscreen before going on excursion.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Helmets are available at the ranch, mandatory for children and strongly advised for everyone.

Is there a guide by my side?

For the “Beach 1.30 hour” excursion, children, beginners and all participants have the choice of having a personal guide by their side if they wish. The other excursions are accompanied by guides on horseback (levels 2 and 3).

Are the horses “quiet”?

We have quiet and nice horses for beginners, also horses adapted for all riders.

Are the horses big?

Most of our horses are “Criollos”, a breed of South American origin, rather small but strong.

Can we ride two on a horse?

No, one rider per horse.

Is rain a reason for cancellation?

Tropical rain showers are common in the Dominican Republic and are not a reason for cancellation. Only RANCHO PLAYA LT can take the decision to cancel the tour, to postpone it or to refund it.

Is there a maximum weight to ride a horse?

For riders weighing more than 100 kg / 200 lbs, please notify us to fit your mount.

Is there a minimum age for horseback riding?

Ride “Beach 1.30 hour”: Minimum 3 years old. Other excursions (half day or full day): Minimum 8 years old, but level is necessary.

Is drinking water needed?

Water will be available during the tour.

What is a VIP Tour?

It is an excursion with a private guide, adapted to your level, outside the “collective group”. The tour price is USD 10 additional per person and per hour.

How much time in advance should we book?

This will depend on the number of people and the time of the year. It is advisable to book three days prior to the excursion, minimum.

Can a beginner make a half day or full day trip?

No, because his/her level does not correspond to these excursions (see “Level 1”).